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Our policy is to be transparent with the quality of our performance at all levels of the motorcycle rider-training we offer. Comparisons to general statistics are shown where available.


Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I suffer with anxiety disorder, I didn’t think I would get through the tests. Karen was fantastic, she will tell you off if you do something wrong but that’s just want I needed ! She got me through my mod one with 0 rider faults and my mod two also with 0 rider faults ! Highly recommend they are both brilliant .

Hi Jeremy and Karen, thanks for all your help in passing, couldn’t have asked for better people, really appreciate it. I have bought a Triumph Trident which I take delivery of this Saturday so can’t wait to get out on it. See you both around. Nathan

I’ve become a much better rider in the little hours I spent with both Karen and Jeremy – leading to my A licence, albeit after a couple of tries on Mod 2
The memories of Karen shouting at me through the mic will be a great reminder for me to do my shoulder checks whenever I’m turning into a road

Thanking you both

If anyone wants to learn to ride, these are the guys to teach you, patient and thorough. Did mine and I suffer from anxiety and I passed with a big smile on my face. Would recommend any time

Just passed my mod1 and mod2 with these guys. Karen was an amazing teacher from start to finish. She pushes you to achieve your best every time. I would massively recommend them. 5 star.

Two most brilliant people who do the training,patient great instructors so glad i choose to pass with them really enjoyable experience cant thank you enough if your looking to pass this is the place to go many many thanks and all the best lee….

Had a fantastic time with both Jeremy and Karen. They are the best but don’t go in there thinking you know anything and I hope you have a thick skin. Safety and getting you passed is priority so don’t be surprised when they tell you how it is. I passed first time and believe I wouldn’t of done it without them they want perfection I felt bad for getting 2 minors lol. Honestly though they are lovely people friendly and care a great deal. So much time for them both I will be back for advanced training!

Absolutely amazing people to train with, Karen was my instructor start to finish and what a women she is! Amazing to train alongside, firm and brutally honest but her training methods work exceptionally. Passed my MOD1 & MOD2 with these guys and I could not recommend them highly enough! If your looking to get your bike test or even CBT done I would suggest you use these guys. Price is unbeatable alongside the quality of training. All in all an absolute 10/10 place to do any bike training. Thanks guys, Happy new year. Conna.

Massive thanks to Karen and Jeremy for taking me on for the direct access course from start to finish. Started with them on the 5th Nov (cbt) and passed my mod 1 and mod 2 by the 16th Nov .
Such a great experience training with Karen and I would recommend Leicestershire Motorcycle Training to anyone for what ever level your at.
Once again thanks to both of you.

Amazing experience from start to finish, everything clearly explained …cost, progression of your learning to your ultimate goal of a full bike licence. Karren is a brilliant instructor and person, and gives 100%. If you are serious about doing your bike test …. look no further. Huge thank you to Karren and Jeremy.

Brilliant learning with you guys.
Thanks a lot, top job ????

These instructors are very passionate about what they do and have very high standards. I have rode under four different schools through cbt over the years and found these by far the most knowledgeable. Riding along side this school really made me question the other schools I had been with. They are straight to the point, which is what you need and I couldn’t thank them enough. I passed my A tests first time with one rider fault with these guys.

Excellent service all round from start to finish. The level of training was spot on, explaining what faults were made and how to correct them. Very passionate people regarding moter bike training

Just want to say a big thank you to Jeremy for getting me through my course giving me the advice I needed and support to get me through my MOD1-MOD2 highly recommended thank you

Absolutely brilliant training,  felt so comfortable and safe at all times.  Instructions were really clear.  Both Karen and Jeremy are friendly,  also have a laugh too .. can’t rate these enough.

We booked on to our CBT in 2014 but never continued to the DAS… This time around did our CBT and went on to DAS.. very professional team, both Karen and Jeremy.. They will be hard on you but believe me it’s all worth it at the end when you get your pass certificate.. Bikes were top quality. Loved every moment… Thank you..

I can’t recommend LMTP highly enough. I hadn’t ridden a bike at all other than my CBT. The intensive course was hard work but it really works and gives you a great deal of familiarity with the bikes and roads around the test centre. The instructors are excellent, very knowledgable and have many years of riding experience. They will do everything in their power to get you through the tests and to help you ride safely once you’re on your own. 5 stars!

Absolutely fantastic, had my test cancelled from another provider so rang up explaining my situation and was in and passed in a few weeks, very professional and upfront, value for money, the facilities are excellent

I recently did my Mod 2 via LMTP and I can honestly say it was brilliant. Fron the very beginning I found them to be incredibly helpful. Jeremy went out of his way to get me a Mod 2 test and training when all of the other providers seemed reluctant to even try. Although I didn’t do my actual training with Jeremy he’s a great guy. Karen is a STAR! After a days full training with her I felt that I had improved and I was more confident riding in a broad range of different riding scenarios. She WILL tell you when you mess up over the radio and there is certainly no “beating around the bush!”. I liked this approach though, straight to the point and honest – she’s there to make you a better and safer rider and not inflate your ego about how good you are. Overall, I was very pleased and would recommend this school to others. Keep up the great work!

A massive thanks to the team for all your support in getting me through my A Test. Without a doubt a truly professional team who are 100% focused on getting their clients through their tests. Their knowledge and training is second to none. I can say hand on heart anyone shopping around for a training school…
“ Look No Further “

From start to finish 5 Star performance !

Firstly I contacted the company with a limited time frame in mind to complete the course. Jeremy was my point of contact and he was more than accommodating to help fit me in !

He explained the process and steps we needed to follow and so we did just that, theory and then on to CBT then following on from that with training on bigger bikes and then Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. We had plenty of time on the bikes to practice and this made you feel prepared and ready for your tests.

The bikes that they have are also of a high quality and well maintained. Perfect size for what we needed to do but also a good step up from the bikes used for the CBT. The use of bikes was included with the price I paid and there was also other bits of kit available should you need it (covid dependent). You also have a radio with an earpiece that is used whilst riding so your trainer can keep in contact with you as you are riding along, these worked without a problem for us throughout the time we used them even despite the complete downpour we received one afternoon.

Jeremy was our main instructor but we also bumped in to Karen occasionally during a few lunch stops and they are both super friendly and approachable people.  Just how you want instructors to be ! I would definitely say that these guys are the key to the continued success of their company and the high standards that they keep producing !

If I had to do it all again I would definitely use these guys and so I fully recommend the company Leicestershire Motorcycle Training and their first class instructors !

Well Done Guys and Thank you !!

Great company to use for your bike tests. Karen is great. Thanks so much.

Just wanted to say thank you to Jez and Karen who sorted everything out and made my DAS training and test flow smoothly . Im sure I gave Jez a fair few issues and he sorted them all out getting me to pass . Also thanks to Karen who helped me relax before my mod 1 which i am sure is what got me through ..

Thank you both for all your help, you gave me the confidence from doing my CBT to DAS motorcycle test. I can’t stop smiling, just goes to show you are never to old to learn. you taught me skills and how to be safe, not just how to pass a test. Once again thank you so much.

They came highly recommended by a lot of people. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 40 years at an off road level and it was quite apparent I hadn’t got a clue when it came to the roads, from doing my CBT to full test, bad habits didn’t come close. Husband and wife team, clearly doing it with a passion not for profit. Thank you very much.

The training I received from Leicestershire Motorcycle Training Partnership was of the very highest standard, they go above and beyond to ensure that you are in the very best position to pass your test.
Many thanks to all at Leicestershire Motorcycle Training Partnership.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for my training which has led to me passing my full bike licence. I owe it to you Jez and Karen, so thank you.

Great teachers, passed after a few days training.

Brilliant partnership, with Jeremy taking me through the CBT and Karen doing the rest, she takes no prisoners, she tells it as it is I passed today! Many thanks to both of you If you want to learn to ride this is the place to go to.

Great training and very professional. I had to change my test due to a funeral. But it wasn’t a problem. They went out of their way to sort out another test date. Karen is very hard and she wants 100%. She knew I was a hgv instructor but that didn’t matter to her I was treated just like anyone else and she got the best out of me. I would definitely recommend them without any doubt.

Thankyou very much for getting me passed. I found the training to be of exceptional quality throughout the entire process. I will without doubt recommend anybody I know looking to get a motorcycle licence to use your services. Both Jeremy and Karen are very kind and supportive during the training,  aiming to iron out any kinks in my riding performance.


P.S organise a big meet one day and myself and friends will certainly attend.

Absolutely brilliant, nice, polite, genuine people who are willing to help. I cannot recommend them enough.

Really glad I went to Karen and Jeremy, so professional and considerate .Karen is a really great instructor really helps you build up confidence
First class experience

Firstly thank you guys, you are great instructors and really cover everything required,  with the lockdowns and stop starting I felt up against it and the extra few hours of tuition you gave me really made a difference.
I love the no nonsense style, you tell us how it is, and how it has got to be, it is not just about passing the test!  It is about being safe, competent and confident on the road, and that comes across in the tuition.
I feel the tuition has not only given me a great platform to becoming a better motorcycle rider but a safer more considerate driver.

Thanks for great training. Especially a massive thank you to Karen. Me and my boyfriend both did CBT and full bike licence with Leicestershire Motorcycle Training. Very professional, productive and friendly team. Highly recommend.

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed doing the CBT. I felt like I learnt a lot and thought it was really personal but relaxing. Thank you.

If your reading this look no further !!! These guys will get you passed any test you are trying to do. I have massive anxiety, had wobbles like you wouldn’t believe ! But guess what ! These guys got me passed my direct access and now I can ride anything. They will tell you straight! Thanks again Karen and Jeremy, top trainers.

Having done my CBT elsewhere, I can with total confidence state that I couldn’t have gone to a better school to do my DAS! Your approach to training, the guidance and advice throughout and the support I have felt from both of you has not only got me through my tests but has also set me on the road to being a confident and safe rider, which will stay with me as my riding journey begins its next phase. Many thanks to both of you. I have absolutely no negative feedback to leave whatsoever, we will see you soon when the kids are ready to start their journeys 🙂

Well where to begin, passed my test today (hurray). Started off booking my tests in for Mod 1 and 2 in March and of course our good friend Covid hit and everything was delayed..for 5 months. Jeremy was absolutely on the ball with communication with me every step of the way, letting me know if anything changed or time frames of when to expect a test. Karen was my instructor, I can’t thank her enough for grilling into myself and another rider on what the examiners will expect and if we got it wrong she would show us the correct way of doing it until it was mastered. She is that good, my poor MT07 I bought prior to lockdown gathered a castle of dust bunny’s over it and couldn’t be used, that I passed without riding a bike the whole time aside from training and that included the gap between Mod 1 and 2. Can’t thank these guys enough for their service they went above and beyond! Thanks guys for everything. Andy

Passed my test today after being trained by Karen. My training was excellent, she is a perfectionist. Would highly recommend to anyone I know. Big thank you guys, ride safe.

Karen was extremely helpful and they made arrangements according to my needs in a very short space of time, no hassle would 100% recommend!

Many thanks to Karen for getting me through my motorbike test on Christmas Eve. You’re a brilliant instructor.Sorry it’s taken me so long to put this feedback up .Will always recommend you .10 out of 10 . Will call round one day to show off my new big bike . My very best wishes always.Paul .

Karen was a great instructor to work with. Really helped me improve a lot and enabled me to pass my tests 1st time.

Jeremy was a great instructor, highly knowledgeable and able to communicate clearly both what was needed to pass, but more importantly what is needed to be a safe and responsible motorcyclist. Highly professional and recommended.

Took my CBT with Karen and my DAS with Jeremy.. What a great pair of instructors. Knowledgeable, friendly and confidence boosting. Really patient and understanding. Worked around my availability and it really paid off. Made me feel relaxed and under no pressure whatsoever. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to complete their training. I now think of them as “friends”. Thanks guys!!!!!

Well guys, firstly thanks for your efforts on my behalf, secondly thanks for the great equipment, and bikes that you gave me to ride. For external reference i am more than happy for the below to be put on.

Jeremy and Karen are a great training partnership, Jeremy took me for my CBT he was patient and precise in his instruction and he enabled me to remember some of the skills i have lost over the last 24 years not riding.

Karen took us out for the on road f650 training and managed the course excellently, Karen by her own admission is a tough instructor and I liked her thought to train hard and test easy!! (There is a strap line in there for you Karen) save you saying you nag as you don’t you just want perfection

Both Mods were undertaken and i knew exactly what to expect and how to address them and where i was going wrong (which fortunately I did not).

I think this is a great training establishment with all one needs to pass in an effective and efficient manner, from start to finish it took me 6 weeks and i caused that delay by my woeful first attempt at the theory test..

Thanks you again

Had my CBT completed with Jeremy, extremely friendly and fun guy. Learned a lot of techniques in a short space of time as well as very informative. Doesn’t believe in cutting corners and his price is also cheaper than the most. Will definitely be going again to complete my full bike licence. Highly recommend him to anyone thinking of getting their CBT done. Thank you Jeremy, see you again soon for the next chapter..

If your about to embark on gaining your motorbike licence then I would recommend using these guys, professional throughout from start to finish. These guys will get you through all the steps to gain your licence, from your CBT, your Module 1 and your Module 2 . From start to finish these guys helped me gain the confidence to pass all my tests first time. I can’t stress enough how professional they are …..thanks for a great experience …Karen and Jeremy you guys are the best. I’ll be passing your number to anyone who asks me “do i know a good motorbike training school” …..,many thanks guys and all the best !!

Excellent training over the 4 days course, Karen was a brilliant instructor and got me through my MOD2 test first time..
Looking forward to getting a bigger bike.  Thanks again both.

Completed the CBT with Jeremy and DAS with Karen. Really enjoyed the experience, both Jeremy and Karen have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I’d never ridden a bike before starting the CBT, but quickly gained confidence through feedback.. It’s been a pleasure, would highly recommend. Thank you, Mike

Just want to say a massive thank you to Karen and Jeremy for excellent training from start to finish. Passed mod 2 first time and really enjoyed all of the training days.
I fully recommend leicestermotorcycletraining to anyone wanting to learn how to ride safely and correctly. Great instructors that showed patience and care.
All round a brilliant experience and brilliant school..Highly recommended!

Did my theory, cbt, mod 1 mod 2 with this company. They were really good. Very good at teaching right from wrong and helped me to pass all four tests, thank you. Would recommend them 100%.

I completed CBT followed by Mod 1 and 2 with Jeremy, passing all three at the first attempt. I can’t recommend Jeremy enough, thoroughly professional and a wealth of knowledge. Felt very confident throughout.  Thank you, Stuart.

I just wanted to say thank you again for the training and guidance with my motorcycle training I still can’t quite believe it all happened so fast on the day. I have spent many years in a training environment both being taught but also teaching and your methods, patience and guidance was first class. When I get some time I will be in touch to organise some advance training on my own bike! Regards.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Jeremy. I passed both Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time. From the beginning Jeremy was extremely helpful and accommodating to my situation in terms of timing and availability. He taught me skills that go well beyond just passing a test. Thank you also to Karen for your advise and help. I cannot recommend them enough. Extremely helpful team and very friendly. Thank you again.



DAY 1119395.6%MODULE 148340183%
DAY 2403.2%MODULE 247840284.1%
DAY 320.2%ADVANCED 1313100%


Wigston MP Test Centre (National) Apr 2016 – Sept 2021  Mod 1  77.6% (72.4%)  Mod 2  74.9% (71.2%)

Leicestershire Motorcycle Training Jan 2016 – Current   Mod 1  83%   Mod 2  84.1%

Last Updated 25/06/2022